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insulation materials from the insulation supplier in BC and Ab for atticsA well-insulated building is a comfortable building that does not cost a lot to heat or cool. Good quality insulation should decrease your energy costs with the right insulation materials. You may need to insulate a home, a warehouse, or a large building. Increasing energy costs, sustainable building criteria, and building envelope challenges mean that it is increasingly important to ensure you select quality insulation materials.

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At Proline Construction Material Supply, our Insulation Material Supply Experts can help you select and source the optimal insulation material for your needs. We always quote you a completive price. Whether you need a tested and trusted material like fibreglass or need a newer material, our suppliers can provide a wide range of the best products on the market today. Proline will supply the product that meets your specifications and requirements for mould prevention, air tightness, acoustics, fire performance, and ease of installation. Talk to us if you are looking for LEEDs Certification or just want to build the most sustainable building possible.

At Pro-Line Construction, we work with trusted, high-quality manufacturers that include: Certainteed Insulation, Owens Corning Foam & Insulation, Plasti-fab, Rockwool, and Tremco.

Insulation materials will help reduce energy costs

Insulation is becoming increasingly innovative as energy costs increase and sustainable building practices become more essential. While a good layer of fibreglass insulation in the roof was adequate for the builder of years ago, new projects are enhancing building comfort.  In-floor heating and insulation in all kinds of materials, from concrete to trusses are now common. Product suppliers are constantly improving their product specifications. Newer products have higher R values, are better at dealing with moisture, install easier, and are made in more sustainable ways with better materials.

Contact one of our Insulation Material experts at Pro-Line Construction today to get recommendations and a price on the products you need. No order is too big or too small. Pro-line delivers anywhere, and we have insulation suppliers in:

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We carry Insulation Materials from these manufacturers:

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