There’s a joke that goes, “I was blasting my music the other day and my neighbour liked it so much, he threw a brick through my window to hear it better.”

You probably don’t want to be that guy.

Many of us have had the experience of hearing from our neighbours in ways that we don’t want—dogs barking, children crying, spouses arguing. Maybe your neighbours are hard-of-hearing and turn up the volume on their TV or radio. Whatever the source, sound does not respect boundaries, nor does it care about your desire to get work done or go to sleep. But what can you do about sound, other than using earplugs?

As it turns out, you can do something, and it doesn’t even involve confronting your neighbour, calling the police, or cranking up your own music to drown other noises out. All it takes is some help from acoustic insulation suppliers.

What is Acoustic Insulation?

Just as regular insulation is used to keep the cold air out (or in), acoustic insulation is useful in containing or blocking out noise. It can be used in businesses or homes, and serves as a barrier against sound, whether to keep noise out or to keep it from escaping.

You could use acoustic insulation in a home theatre, for example, allowing you to watch movies or play music without disturbing family members in other areas of the house. You could also make use of it to create a quiet space for yourself, perfect for a study or a home office.

While acoustic insulation may not make a room completely soundproof, it certainly goes a long way toward reducing the noise so that you can have some peace.

Other Uses for Acoustic Insulation

While the most obvious reasons for having acoustic insulation are probably the ones mentioned already, such as noisy neighbours, wanting to contain your own noise, or just wanting to have a quiet place to work, there are other reasons that you may not have thought about.

Older buildings are known for the assortment of noises they can sometimes make. Whether it is an old hotel with a creaky elevator or a home with pipes and air ducts banging loudly between the walls, acoustic insulation can help reduce or potentially eliminate the noise.

Choosing the Right Acoustic Insulation

There are different types of acoustic insulation available, so you should take some time to review which one is right for you. Consider the cost, as well as your needs, such as whether the insulation will need to be able to withstand the elements. Your acoustic insulation will be made to fit, whether for your home office, home theatre, bedroom, or kid’s playroom.

Consult with professional insulation suppliers at Proline Construction to go over your options. They will help you make the right choices for your project so that you can be assured of the results you are seeking. Then you can relax and enjoy the sound of silence!